Lea TaylorRec Instructor

    At ABC I am a rec coach aspiring to accomplish much more and learn as much as I can from the other coaches around me.

    I grew up on an island in cocoa beach Florida than Moved to Huntington Beach California When I was 16

    I started climbing when I was 21

    What makes me interesting is I grew up as a professional skateboarder and surfer and I traveled all over the world for it when I was a child. I also am a Waldorf Preschool teacher during the school year.

    If I were an  animal I would be a unicorn, If I could.

    The foods I love are Indian food and Movie theatre popcorn

    If I were a color I would be PINK!

    When not climbing I am riding around on a skateboard or mountain biking these days.

    What I love about ABC is working with a staff that is passionate about kids and loves climbing.