Open Gym FAQ’s

Each enrollment is one climber and one adult; May I bring two climbers with one supervising adult?

Yes! You may enroll multiple climbers with one supervising adult. If the additional climber is not a member of your family; that climber will need a waiver/ account set up by their legal guardian prior to your visit. A ratio of no more than 3:1 strongly encouraged

Can two supervising adults join one enrolled climber?

Our capacity planning is built with a two person count per enrollment. If you would like to have additional spectators; please call the gym to check our current capacity or create a separate enrollment.

Can our Nanny / caregiver climb with the kids?

Yes! We are now welcoming supervising adults to climb with their kiddo. You can add a supervising climber at the time of registration for $6. Because most of our childcare helpers are not our own children; Caregivers will need to sign a waiver for themselves prior to climbing.