Timothy RoseCWI Certified Rec Instructor, Team Coach, Summer Camp Coordinator, Management Team Member

    At ABC, I am a Rec Instructor.

    I grew up On a farm in Iowa.

    I live in Boulder because I love the trails and mountains in the surrounding area.

    I started climbing when I was  20 years old. 

    I keep climbing because It’s where I feel the most alive. 

    What makes me interesting are my many different hobbies and interests. 

    If I were an animal, I would be a Peregrine Falcon.

    The foods I love are Brussel Sprouts and Sweet potatoes.

    If I were a color, I would be Green.

    When not climbing, I am trail running or hiking.

    What I love about ABC is the chance to share my passion and expose children to the wonderful world of climbing!