Kristen LutzManagement Team Member

At ABC, I  work with all ages of kids and the management team to make the ABC experience the best!

I grew up partially in Colorado and partially in Texas.

I live in Boulder because I currently attend CU and love the close access to the mountains for climbing and other adventures.

I started climbing when I was 14 years old. 

I keep climbing because I enjoy the mental and physical challenge it presents me. I also enjoy getting out into nature with all my climbing buddies!

What makes me interesting is that I can dislocate my shoulder on command and study painting and drawing at CU.

If I were an animal … If I have to pick an animal it would be a mountain goat, if it doesn’t have to be an animal I would pick a pine tree. 

The foods I love are sushi, ramen, chicken pot pie, and any type of candy!

If I were a color, I would be forest green or plaid

When not climbing, I am painting or reading

What I love about ABC is the community surrounding this gym as well as the enthusiasm the kids bring to climbing classes and camps.