COVID-19 Updates and Program Offerings

Current Impact to Facility

We are open and operating at a slightly increased capacity now that Boulder County’s current threat level is yellow.

Championship teams have returned to 3  practices a week.

Enhanced Safety Measures in Place

The health and safety of our community, staff, and climbers is a top priority.

Some of our new gym measures include:

  • Extremely limited capacities
  • Reservation-only programming
  • PPE requirements
  • Health screenings for all staff and guests at the start of each program
  • Increased cleaning

Additional measures tailored to each program can be found in the descriptions on the respective pages.

Spring Program Offerings During COVID-19

Outdoor Adventure Club

In addition to our Indoor Club, we are offering an Outdoor Adventure Club this fall. Climbers will climb in world-class outdoor climbing areas such as the Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon, and Boulder Canyon. They will learn to rappel, cross a Tyrolean traverse, place traditional climbing gear, and challenge themselves on bouldering routes. Climbing is outside each class, weather permitting. On inclement weather days, class will be cancelled.

Parents are responsible for dropping campers off at the climbing area at 4pm each class. Pickup will be at the same location at 7pm. All climbers will wear masks, have their temperature taken, and sanitize their hands upon arrival.

Outdoor Camps

Registration for 2021 Summer Camps opens on Jan 31st!


Camps have been temporarily cancelled due to Boulder Safer at Home Level Orange.

Every Monday this fall, we will be offering School Holiday Camps, both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor School Holiday Camps are 9:30am – 2:30pm.

Indoor Camps

Registration for 2021 Summer Camps opens Jan 31st!


Camps have been temporarily cancelled due to Boulder Safer at Home Level Orange.

Every Monday this winter, we will be offering School Holiday Camps, both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor School Holiday Camps are full day, 9:00am – 3:00pm, AM half day, 9:00am – noon, and PM half day, 12:30pm – 3:oopm.

Spring Classes

This spring we are offering all of our usual Classes and Clubs. Please see the respective class level pages for schedule.

To limit the number of people in the gym while accommodating all our class, all Monkey classes are now one hour long.

Open Gym

We have made adjustments to Open Gym in response to COVID-19. Open Gym will now be available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on a reservation-only basis. You may reserve an hour and a half time block when capacity allows for it. See our open gym page for more information.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your climber’s birthday during COVID-19! We are now accepting reservations for hour and a half private gym sessions for small groups of up to 8 guests, including supervising adults.

Gift Certificates

We are now offering gift certificates directly through our Customer Portal!

Gym Policy Updates

Who Can Visit

At this point, only children currently enrolled and participating in a Camp, Class, Team, Birthday Party, or Open Gym may enter the gym. Parents will not be allowed to enter the gym unless they are participating in a Birthday Party or Open Gym with their children and have previously made a reservation. 

Capacity Limits

Gym capacity is limited and meets all state and county guidelines.

Arrival and Pickup

Early arrival is requested so that a health screening can be completed. An ABC staff member will be stationed outside to conduct the screening, including a temperature check. Staff will make sure climbers are properly wearing their face masks before entering and immediately wash their hands. We will have designated social distancing spaces marked on the entrance ramp. Please respect others by adhering to social distancing guidelines. Once each climber has completed their health screening, they will be escorted to their instructor. At this point, parents will be allowed to leave. It is the responsibility of parents and/or guardians to supervise their children as they wait for their screening. Again, parents and/or guardians may not enter the gym with their children unless they are accompanying their children as a registered participant in a program. 

At the conclusion of programming, children are required to wait for their parents and/or guardians inside the building. It is the parent’s and/or guardian’s responsibility to escort the children from the building to their car. Please try to pick up your child on time, if you know you will be late please let us know. During peak times the parking lot is crowded. Please take into consideration that our students may include young children. Please drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car.

Health Evaluation

Please respect the health and safety of our community and follow the rules; if anyone in your household answers yes to any of the following, you may not enter the facility.

  1. Is anyone in your household experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever over 100.4, muscle soreness, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, or changes in your sense of taste or smell?
  2. Has anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?

Safety Measures

  • Face masks are required at all times inside the facility.
  • Please bring your own mask, they will not be provided.
  • Children must respect 6 feet of social distance.
  • Wash your hands frequently (before, during, and after climbing).
  • Certain areas of the gym such as the ABC Room, Tree House, Moon Room may have additional capacity limitations. Please be respectful of your friends and fellow climbers, do not overcrowd these tight spaces.
  • No cash transactions will be accepted at this time.

If you feel sick, you must stay home. This is not only a state mandate, but it is the responsible thing to do. Please do not risk spreading illness to your friends and community.

Please review our updated Cancellation Policies.