December 3rd, 2022

USA Climbing Qualifying Event:

Session 1 will includes categories MYD and MYC.  Iso opens at 6:30am.  Climbing will start at 7:30am.

Session 2 will includes categories FYD and FYC.  Iso opens at 9:26am. Climbing will start at 10:26am.

Session 3 will includes categories FYB and MYB.  Iso opens at 12:38pm. Climbing will start at 1:38pm.

Session 4 will includes categories FYA, MYA, FJR, and MJR.  Iso opens at 4:10pm. Climbing will start at 5:10pm.

Please visit USA Climbing’s website for more information.

Spectator pass: $10
Spectator passes can only be purchased at ABC and may be unavailable if the competition round is full.